As the go-to music discovery platform for millions of people around the world, taking care of the basics on Spotify – and having a plan for growing your profile there – is important. This Spotify Bootcamp video course (available as part of Jazzfuel Manager) takes you through the 3 most important areas of Spotify and provides 1-to-1 support to help you get everything in place.


How to get your music, photos, gigs & other info on there.


How to get more listeners & followers and turn them into fans.



Different types and how to get added to them.


Post questions & support requests in the members-only forum.


Joining Jazzfuel Manager gives you access to Spotify Bootcamp, plus all the other content below...

If you feel that you should be getting more from your next release, getting some help & support to make sure you’re well-prepared and aren’t missing anything important could make a big difference. 

This 5-part video course takes you step-by-step through the process, from the initial idea, through to launching and promoting. Key topics include Getting Reviews & Quotes, Launching a Pre-Order Campaign and Writing Press Releases.

The key to growing a long-term career as a creative musician is to have direct access to fans around the world. 

Whilst social media can be effective for doing this, you have to play by their rules – which change regularly (hello Facebook) – and hope they don’t disappear along with all your fans (hello MySpace).

Enter, mailing lists of people who’ve given you permission to contact them with your news. This mini-course will help you do work on this efficiently and effectively by taking you through:

  1. Getting started. Whether you’re new to mailing lists, or you just haven’t worked on it for a while, make sure everything is set up properly.
  2. Growing your list. Specific strategies for getting real fans around the world to give you permission to email them your news.
  3. Engaging your subscribers. Steps for turning a causal email subscriber into a lifelong fan who will buy your music and come to your gigs. 

As well as the step-by-step video course, you can post questions and support requests into the members-only forum. Whether your struggles with this are due to technical difficulties or lack of an effective plan, you can start making progress right away. 

Whether it’s a second opinion on big decisions, or a quick fix on a technical issue, having support on hand can be very beneficial to growing your career as quickly as possible. 

Becoming a member of the Jazzfuel Manager gives you 24/7 access to a private forum where you can post questions or support requests on a whole range of topics, from social media and Spotify, through to running a press campaign or hiring the right publicist. Or, if you prefer, just check out what fellow musicians around the world are working on.

Who is Jazzfuel Manager for?

Musicians usually need the input a manager most when it comes to planning, releasing & promoting new music or growing a project to the next level in term of fans and profile.

If you don’t have a manager, but would like access to the support, feedback and resources that one provides, Jazzfuel Manager has been put together for you. 


If you’d like help to speed up your career growth and release music more successfully, you can register now for immediate monthly access to the Jazzfuel Manager platform.