Get monthly access to tools & support to make building your career and preparing your next release easier

Hi – my name’s Matt Fripp and I’ve worked as a booking agent and manager for jazz musicians for more than 10 years now.

I already host an online course to show you the exact strategies for booking more jazz gigs, but I’m aware that this is only half the battle when it comes to being a DIY musician. There’s a whole other bunch of stuff – usually helped by a manager – that also needs taking care of. 

The solution?

This new Jazzfuel Manager platform is designed to give you monthly support on your project via in-depth guides as well as direct feedback from me and industry friends from around the world. So whether you’re planning a new release or just want to make sure that you’re moving in the right direction, get help to do that quicker and more easily…


PS There’s a 14-day money-back guarantee in case you don’t like it.

Are you a jazz musician with no manager?

Maybe some of these sound familiar:


  • You’re a little overwhelmed with how to get everything done
  • You’re not sure how to plan (and run) a successful pre-release campaign for your next album
  • You don’t have long-term goals set for your career
  • You’re not connected to the right people inside the industry
  • You’re not 100% sure if your ideas and plans are on the right track
  • You don’t have a plan for getting press coverage for a ‘new’ project

These are all pretty common, but that doesn’t help get your project growing quicker. It often means that:

  • Dealing with the non-playing side of your career continues to be (at best) a struggle and (at worst) ignored.
  • Releasing music becomes a last-minute rush
  • Promoters, journalists, agents and labels aren’t aware of your project because it’s not getting through to them.
  • You miss valuable opportunities to connect your music with industry & fans
  • Your gigs or albums don’t get the attention the quality of music deserves.


All this means less sales, less press coverage and less gigs than you might otherwise be getting…

The Solution?
Get help making plans & making progress

One of the biggest benefits of having a manager is knowing that you’re taking care of the basics consistently and that you have a solid plan for moving things forwards. A little support from inside the industry – and some step-by-step advice – can go a long way.

The Jazzfuel Manager provides these things whenever you need them, by giving you monthly access to tools to plan your new releases, video sessions to answer your questions and a forum for support.

Of course, you’re busy making music, so the site is designed so you can dip in and out whenever you want – a bit like how you would call or email a manager as and when you need it.

As a minimum, you might want to:

  • Be reassured your plans are solid
  • Track your album pre-release progress
  • Join a Q&A with me or one of the regular industry guests
  • Check (or request) video guides on topics you need help with
  • Connect with musicians at a similar stage in the community forum

Here’s exactly what you get inside the Jazzfuel Manager…

Releasing music in the next 6 months?


One of THE most important jobs of a manager is to help plan the release and promotion of new music. Jazzfuel Manager includes a custom pre-release checklist, so you can make sure your next release reaches the widest audience possible.

  1. Log in to pre-release planner
  2. See an overview of common tasks
  3. Tick off the ones you’ve already completed
  4. Get advice to start working on the rest
  5. Have your next release prepared and ready for launch 😇

Here’s a quick look at it…

Artist Profile ‘Healthcheck’


Regardless of where you’re at, the first thing most managers will do when they take on a new artist is make sure that certain basics are in order. From social media and marketing to gig plans and upcoming releases. 

You can replicate this using the custom-built checklist (and ask for support or feedback on any things you’re missing)

  1. Log in to Artist Checklist
  2. See a full list of things you should have together
  3. Tick off the ones you’ve already completed
  4. Get advice to start working on the rest

All members also get access to…

Artist Toolbox

Short guides & support on topics including Facebook ads, simple promo materials and more.

More coming each month

Live Q&A

Join me, Matt Fripp, for regular live sessions where I’ll answer your questions and provide feedback. 

Plus watch Q&A replays

Expert Sessions

Labels, publicists, managers, agents & journalists answer your questions or run video workshops.

Submit guest or topic requests



Join the private community to ask for advice or just share some news with other jazz musicians working on similar things. 

And browse existing content

Booking and Scheduling

“I’m working on sending out pitching emails to festivals, and I’ve come across an issue – all the members of my band are also very active with other bands…” 

Email template for Booking

“I’m spending quite a lot of time on email booking these days and one of my particularity is to regularly doubt about the form and content of my emails.” 

Label or DIY 

“I just finished recording a new CD with my project but we are in no rush and want to plan ahead carefully with the best possible strategy & timing…”


If you’d like to get your career organised and make use of the tools in the Jazzfuel Manager, you can register now at a limited offer Earlybird price which includes a welcome 1-to-1 call to get started.