Helping jazz musicians like you prepare, launch, promote and sell a new album


Releasing new music is a great opportunity to introduce new jazz fans to your project and to connect with more promoters, press & other ‘industry’ people!


Too often, though, these opportunities are missed – or at least not taken advantage of 100%

Not because of the quality of music, but because of other ‘details’ that are missed:

  • You start planning too late and run out of time
  • You don’t reach out to the right press contacts, in time for reviews
  • You aren’t sure how to best connect with fans
  • You’re not sure how to set up some of the common industry strategies, such as pre-orders & single releases.

What would even 50 extra sales mean for you?
Or 2 great press quotes?

If you’re reading this, I’m going to assume you are already very aware of the cost – both in terms of time & finances – that it can take to record and produce new music. Failure to squeeze every possible bit of attention from your next release means you’re missing out on the potential money & profile that your project deserves.

If you could solve some of these problems and sell, for example, even 50 more copies of your album, how much would that change the finances of your project? By my calculations, that’s at least another $500 in your pocket – not to mention the extra people who will be talking about your music.

And money aside, how much would a handful of great reviews help your ability to get booked by clubs and festivals?

They don’t require pages of quotes; one or two great sentences from a trusted source can make all the difference. And with many jazz journalists being easily reachable via the internet, there’s no reason that you should be missing out on this, just because you can’t afford to pay a publicist in every country around the world. 

So, what’s the solution?

If you feel that you should be getting more from your next release, getting some help & support to make sure you’re well-prepared and aren’t missing anything important could make a big difference. 

Releasing successfully is no longer only accessible to those signed to a major label, with an established manager. You can put a lot of things in place yourself, at very little expense. You can choose to outsource certain tasks to industry professionals. You can connect directly with fans and sell to them. 

Jazzfuel Manager is available to help you take care of all of these things on a simple month-to-month basis, whenever  you need it, for a limited time offer of €30/month.

Who is Jazzfuel Manager for?

Musicians usually need the input a manager most when it comes to planning, releasing & promoting new music. If you don’t have a manager, but would like access to the support, feedback and resources that one provides, Jazzfuel Manager is for you. 

Whilst you’re welcome to join at any point, the most important time to have access to this content is: 

  • You’ve just recorded new music and want to start planning the release
  • You have a new release coming soon and want to make sure you promote it as well as possible
  • You’ve released new music in the last 2-3 months and want to squeeze some more attention out of it

Is that you? You can find out more about joining and getting immediate access at the bottom of this page.

What do you get?

Access to Jazzfuel Manager is on a monthly  basis, so you can start and stop whenever you want. Whilst you’re a member, you will have access to:

  • Album Launcher
    Interactive 5-part guide and video course to take you through each step of an album release

  • Members Forum
    Get support and feedback on any part of your release plans from both me, Matt Fripp, and other musician members.

  • Monthly Coaching videos
    New content added monthly on topics chosen by members

  • Bootcamp Access
    Short courses and modules on topics such as Spotify and Mailing Lists 

In short: get help with any question or struggle you’re facing in terms of launching new music one way or another! 


Booking and Scheduling

“I’m working on sending out pitching emails to festivals, and I’ve come across an issue – all the members of my band are also very active with other bands…” 

Email template for Booking

“I’m spending quite a lot of time on email booking these days and one of my particularity is to regularly doubt about the form and content of my emails.” 

Label or DIY 

“I just finished recording a new CD with my project but we are in no rush and want to plan ahead carefully with the best possible strategy & timing…”


If you’d like help to speed up your career growth and release music more successfully, you can register now for immediate monthly access to the Jazzfuel Manager platform.